Cameo, on the Rise With Celebrities and Fans, Adds to C-Suite

Rob Post

The company says it fulfilled 1.3 million videos in 2020.

Cameo, the celebrity video service that caught fire during the pandemic, has expanded its executive team.

Former Quibi chief technology officer Rob Post is among the leaders who have joined Cameo's C-suite. He will lead the company's tech and engineering organization from his home base in Tampa, Florida.

Cameo, which grew its staff by nearly 100 in 2020, also has tapped former Bustle Digital Group chief financial officer Deb Schwartz as its new CFO and former LinkedIn executive Brian Frank as chief operating officer.

Launched in 2016, Cameo has created a marketplace for personalized celebrity videos. A customer can, for example, pay $55 to have Anthony Scaramucci record a happy birthday message for a friend, or pony up $250 to have Nick Lachey congratulate a co-worker on her promotion.

Talent of all stripes flocked to Cameo in 2020, many of them using the app to supplement income they lost due to canceled tours or suspended productions during the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last spring, Gilbert Gottfried, the biggest earner on the platform in 2019, said that he was raking in six figures a month.

The company says it added more than 10,000 personalities to its portfolio in 2020. All told, talent on the platform produced more than 30,000 hours of video content. More than 150 people on the platform were earning more than $100,000 annually.

The influx of personalities on the platform helped to drive transactions. According to Cameo, bookings grew 350 percent from 2019 to 2020. The company says it fulfilled 1.3 million Cameos in 2020, more than it fulfilled in its previous years combined.

Cameo has been used in 178 different countries and its reach extended as far as Antarctica, where the company fulfilled 10 requests last year.