Camera House in Post's office


CORRECTED 4:18 p.m. PT Nov. 19, 2007

The privately owned PostStart2Finish-branded group of postproduction companies, which includes Hollywood's the Post Group and IO Film, is in negotiations to acquire the majority of the Camera House.

The acquisition of the North Hollywood-based film and digital camera rental facility also would include Camera House's Hollywood-based sister post facility, Digital Film Company, which will be merged into IO Film.

Said Stephen Buchsbaum, CEO of the Poststart2finish companies: "One of the reasons for this acquisition is to get to the project at the earliest point of entry. It's one of the pieces of the puzzle that our group of companies was missing. We can help our clients even more by getting involved with them from the very beginning, so that the post strategy evolves from the production stage."

Rufus Burnham, Camera House founder and CEO, will remain at the helm and maintain his role as CEO of Camera House. He said: "I've had this vision of evolving the company into something where I can offer a facility like a mini studio where you could do camera, recording, post production, distribution under one roof. Becoming a part of the poststart2finish family speeds this up and brings this vision into reality years ahead of schedule."

The "PostStart2Finish"-branded companies are owned by filmmakers Matt and David Cooper.