'Cameraperson' Director Kirsten Johnson: "We All Have These Blind Spots" | Documentary Oscar Roundtable

"I reached out to all the directors that I worked with and talked to them about, 'Can I use this footage in my film? And it will be used differently in my film than it has been used in your film.'"

"Little by little we start to understand the world, thanks to people who make films where we can identify with people," said Cameraperson director Kirsten Johnson during The Hollywood Reporter's Documentary Oscar Roundtable. "There are many stories going on simultaneously, both for the people behind the camera and in front of the camera."

Despite being the only women on the Documentary Roundtable, Johnson holds her own, discussing how she led a strike in school because the boys got to stay out for recess longer, and how it bothered her that no one would cover her (the girl) in touch football. 

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