Paul Bettany, Bryan Adams, Giovanni Ribisi Set for Poland's Camerimage Festival

Tim Whitby/Getty Images
Paul Bettany

Iranian director Majid Majidi will be honored and present the European premiere of controversial Oscar submission 'Muhammad: The Messenger of God.'

Paul Bettany will screen his directorial feature debut Shelter at Poland's Camerimage festival later this month.

The British actor is among a star-studded list of guests at the 23rd edition of the annual showcase of the art of cinematography, hosted by the city of Bydgoszcz.

Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams will bring an exhibition of his photography to the event, and Avatar actor Giovanni Ribisi will also be attending.

Meanwhile, Iranian director Majid Majidi will present his controversial submission for the best foreign-language film Oscars race, Muhammad: The Messenger of God, in what will be its European premiere.

The film, which cost more than $40 million to shoot, making it Iran's most expensive film ever, was lensed by Italy's Vittorio Storaro and features a score by Indian composer A.R. Rahman. The film provoked controversy in Iran and other largely Muslim countries for its subject matter and fleeting glimpses of the Prophet Muhammad, which many Muslims consider sacrilegious.

Majidi, whose partially government-financed film took seven years to make, faced a fatwa - an Islamic legal pronouncement issued by an expert in religious law - and caused much debate at home as the film played on around half of Iran's 320 cinema screens.

Camerimage will honor the director's work with a special festival award.

Other guests at the showcase, which runs Nov. 14-Nov. 21, include directors Michael Hoffman and Jerzy Skolimowski, who will present his Oscar-nominated 11 Minutes, and costume designer Sandy Powell who will receive a special award for costume design of a "unique visual sensitivity."

The festival also includes presentations of state-of-the-art movie-making equipment by top international companies, including Arri, Panavision, Kodak, Hawk, K5600, J.L. Fisher, Sony, Panasonic, KinoFlo, Technicolor, Canon, Zeiss and Red.