Camerimage to Honor 'Apocalypse Now' Sound Designer Walter Murch

Walter Murch - H 2015
Locarno Film Festival

The world's top cinematography festival is set to give him a special editing award, which recognizes the veteran editor who also worked on 'The English Patient' and 'Cold Mountain' among other films.

The world's leading festival for cinematographers, Camerimage, is set to give a special editing award to sound designer Walter Murch.

Murch created the memorable atmosphere in the opening shots of Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now, in which sound is the first thing the audience is aware of, and also worked on The Godfather II and III, The English Patient, Cold Mountain and many other films.

He is credited by Camerimage as a master of a craft that "is not about gimmicky transitions from one scene to another," but "imbuing story with rhythm and emotional tempo."

Murch, 72, won an Oscar for best sound for his work on Apocalypse Now and two more for his work on The English Patient. Murch, who has also turned his hand to directing (Return to Oz) screenwriting (THX 1138 in collaboration with George Lucas) and photography — he worked as a camera operator on the Maysles brothers' concert documentary Gimme Shelter — will share his knowledge and recollections from his career with participants at Camerimage's 23rd edition, which runs from Nov. 14-21 in Bydgoszcz, Poland.