Cameron Dallas Film 'Expelled' Heads to Netflix

Courtesy of AwesomenessTV

The comedy, which also stars YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson, is making its worldwide debut on the subscription streaming service.

A little more than a month after it's premiere, Expelled is coming to Netflix. 

The comedy film starring Viner Cameron Dallas will make its global debut on the subscription streaming service on Feb. 1. 

Dallas stars in the film as Felix, a prankster who gets expelled and devises a plan with his brother and friends to convince his parents that he's a stellar student. Expelled, which is written, produced and directed by Alex Goyette, also stars Andrea Russett, Lia Marie Johnson, Marcus Johns, Michelle Glavan, Teala Dunn and Matt Shively

The film comes from DreamWorks Animation-owned AwesomenessTV and counts Brett Bouttier, Joe Davola, Scott Levine, Steven Spiegel and Alan Spiegel as executive producers. Awesomeness CEO Brian Robbins and Shauna Phelan are producers.

To distribute Expelled, Awesomeness partnered with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to make it available via VOD on Amazon Instant Video, Comcast, Google Play, iTunes, Target Ticket and VUDU. The film is also for sale on, which is powered by VHX.