Cameron | Pace Group, LG, Sony, YouTube Among 3D Technology Award Winners

International 3D Society presents its annual technology honors.

Cameron | Pace Group, Sony and YouTube were among the companies honored with the International 3D Society’s 3D Technology Awards, Thursday in Los Angeles.

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During the event, stakeholders expressed their optimism about the 3D market. Said LG’s James Fishler: “[3DTV is] bringing the movie theater experience into their living room.”

Trophies were awarded to companies and developments including:

-- Blu-ray Disc Association for the Blu-ray 3D specification

-- Cameron/Pace Group for the Shadow D technology and the Shadow D system

-- Fuji’s Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera

-- Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative’s FHD3DGI standard (Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, XPAND)

-- GoPro’s 3D Hero system

-- HDMI Licensing for standardization of 3D formats over the HDMI interface.

-- LG Electronics’ LG Cinema 3D TV

-- Panasonic‘s AG-3DA1 twin lens 3D camera recorder

-- Peter Wimmer for a stereoscopic player

-- Silicon Imaging’s SI-3D stereo digital cinema camera system

-- Sony’s HDR-TD10 3D Handycam camcorder

-- Sony’s Playstation 3

-- Vizio’s Theater 3D

-- YouTube’s 3D Channel