This Is What We Know About Cameron Silver's New Job

Cameron Silver - P 2015
Courtesy of Giuseppe Zanotti

Cameron Silver - P 2015

The King of Vintage is moving from Hollywood to the city that never sleeps.

On April 12, Cameron Silver announced on social media that he would soon be setting up primary residence in New York to take a corporate fashion job. "It all gets announced next month so don't ask me details," the mysterious Silver posted on Facebook, citing a non-disclosure agreement. "I'm sworn to secrecy!"

By nightfall, the news became the most buzzworthy party gossip in town because Silver — author, reality TV maven, founder of Melrose Avenue vintage boutique Decades and one of the most interestingly dressed men in Los Angeles — is just oh so L.A., in a good way. He's a local, an ever-charming party guest and one of the most well-informed sources about fashion and culture in the City of Angels.

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Speaking of parties, Giuseppe Zanotti's store relaunch in Beverly Hills is where we found the King of Vintage on Tuesday night. Not that we don't respect a binding NDA, but once we spotted Silver — decked out in dark denim — we had to get the scoop on what's really going on with this new gig of his.

"I'm doing something corporate and very grown-up but still creative," smiled Silver, before getting more specific. "It's a fashion director job for a famous brand."

Silver wouldn't name the brand, but did say that an official announcement is expected in the first two weeks in May. He'll assume the new post in September but not before moving into his new NYC apartment on Aug. 1.

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"Having never lived anywhere else in my entire life, it will be interesting to have an actual second home in a different city," Silver said. "I'm excited, and it's a new challenge, but I'm horrified by the lack of closet space in my new apartment. That right now is the biggest psychological challenge for me." 

So where are the new digs? Silver is moving into the Pulitzer Mansion Co-ops at 11 East 73rd St. "It’s the most gorgeous apartment on the entire planet — but it’s the smallest apartment in the Pulitzer Mansion," he laughed. 

As for 18-year-old Decades, Silver was more serious about the future of the store. "Everything remains the same. It's a well-oiled machine and the inventory now will probably be even better because I'll be spending more time with friends and clients in New York who will empty their closets. And I may be at the store in L.A. more now because my travel schedule will be somewhat limited with my new commitment in New York."

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If you follow Silver then you already know how hectic his travel schedule is — Hong Kong one day, Saudi Arabia the next and Paris the day after that. That's why he admitted his new job is such "a good gig" to get him to slow down. He also revealed one more thing: He knows people are gossiping about him.

"I feel like there's been a lot of interest in this new job. It's as if I were announcing my presidency," he chuckled. "I'm not."

He did, however, sprint toward the door immediately after our chat. He explained it had nothing to do with our intense line of questioning, but instead he had to prep for a trip to Minneapolis on Wednesday for a book signing and trunk show. Too bad for him, he missed Beyonce.