Camila Cabello on Upcoming Album: "It's Captured My Essence of Who I Am"

Camila Cabello-Getty-H 2019
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

"For the first time on this album it's not my imagination," the Grammy nominee said about the love songs on her new record.

Even though she is prepping for a star turn in the upcoming Cinderella musical, Camila Cabello has been hard at work on a new album.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions festival, she said the new music is nearly finished and will be a lot more intimate than her Grammy-nominated Camila.

"When I was going into that album I was kind of in my little bubble of life, I had far away crushes on people and would write about them and didn't really have any experiences with being in love. I only wrote about it from afar," said Cabello, adding that she is naturally introverted and shy. "For the first time on this album, it's not my imagination, it's me writing about things that are happening in real time, and I think that there's a level of detail and emotion that you get from that that's kind of irreplaceable.

"It's captured my essence of who I am right now. There are a lot of stories to tell this time around," she said. "I've been in my studio cave, and I'm ready to bare my soul."

Much of that time has been spent listening to podcasts like The goop or Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul Sunday, Cabello said. The new-age ideas have changed her life, and she has recently started practicing mindfulness and meditation after listening to Eckhart Tolle.

Cabello said she has a pliable relationship with social media, sometimes being active and sometimes taking long breaks despite fans urging her to be more active.

"I go through phases in my life — there are times where I feel like protecting myself and focusing on myself and being present in whatever is happening around me is more important," she explained. One of those times was working on her latest album, as she fears being active on social media will affect her creative process.

"To me, the art is what's sacred and that's what is most important. If that means I need to take a little break or a little distance, then I'll do it," said Cabello, adding that comments affect her on an emotional level regardless if they are negative or positive. "In life, sometimes there is a need for space and there is a need to become a hermit crab and listen to the Super Soul Sunday podcast."

The Grammy-nominated singer said she's now in a more expansive mode as she is getting ready to release the album. And while Cabello didn't reveal what the sound is, she said she has been listening to Paramore, Coldplay and other artists from the early 2000s.