Canada buying HD switch


TORONTO -- With Canada set to phase out analog delivery in 2011, Canadians are purchasing flat-screen, high-definition TV sets in growing numbers, but few really understand HD technology, according to poll results revealed Thursday.

A Nanos Research survey of 1,000 Canadians said that only 5% of respondents claimed to understand HDTV features like 1080p resolution or pixel response times, compared with 48% who professed little knowledge of the digital technology.

The Consumer Electronics Marketers of Canada projects that Canadians will purchase about 2.75 million LCD TV sets in 2008, in a market that comprises approximately 12.5 million households.

However, the Nanos Research survey found Canadians possess only "a basic understanding" of the differences between flat-screen technologies, as 53% of those polled indicated that they prefer LCD to plasma screens.

The poll comes on the heels of February hearings by Canada's TV regulator, who heard separate applications from two broadcasters that hope to operate over-the-air HD networks here.

Canadians currently enjoy access to about 36 HD channels, which largely feature content originating in the U.S., particularly HD sports programming.