Canada Ends 30-Day Notice to Cancel TV Service

The CRTC makes switching or ditching carriers for Netflix Canada easier for consumers

Changing or cancelling your TV service — either cable or satellite — just got easier in Canada.

The CRTC, the country's regulator, on Thursday said carriers must scrap the current 30-day cancelation notice for TV services. Canadians have had to give notice and wait 30 days to ditch a TV subscription and transfer to another carrier.

The CRTC is also barring Internet or phone service providers from compelling their subscribers to give 30 days notice. Making cutting the cable cord a single phone call away follows landmark hearings by the CRTC to overhaul this country's TV rules.

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That reset is expected to include Canada mandating cable unbundling by carriers. Such a move, major U.S. networks have warned, could be followed by popular American TV series being pulled from the regulated Canadian market.

Domestic carriers have already moved to introduce a partial a la carte system for cable and satellite TV subscribers as Netflix Canada and other U.S. digital platforms increasingly draw Canadians online to view TV content.

But the same cable carriers warned the CRTC during its recent Let's Talk TV hearings that Canadian TV viewers would be up in arms if U.S. cable networks denied them access to popular American TV shows.