Canada Named MIPCOM 2012 Country of Honor

Canuck companies will head to Cannes for a tribute and series of special programming at the global entertainment content market in October.

PARIS - The maple leaf will fly high in Cannes in October when MIPCOM 2012 celebrates Canada as the country of honor, organizers Reed MIDEM said on Thursday. The content market will pay tribute to Canada’s TV, film and digital industries specifically its prowess for international co-productions, scripted dramas, animation, documentaries, films and experimental media.

The Canadian focus, in partnership with the Canada Media Fund and Telefilm Canada, will feature a program of high-level conference speakers, screening showcases, Canadian talent and business matchmaking events.

Organizers are planning a series of events to keep international media heavyweights updated on federal and provincial financing and funding incentives and location scouting in the territory and to provide info on the broadcast, cable and satellite distribution market.

“With more than 228 Canadian companies present at MIPCOM, including a wide range of independent producers and major television and film studios, and encompassing both English and French-language productions, Canada has been one of the most inspiring and active global players in the television industry for as long as we can remember,” director of Reed MIDEM’s Television Division Laurine Garaude said.

“This partnership is an opportunity to showcase the best of Canada and to share our achievements with the world,” CMF’s president and CEO Valerie Creighton adding that the Canadian TV and digital media projects supported by the CMF have generated $2.3 billion in production activity across Canada since 2010.

“Partnering with Canada means business,” Telefilm Canada’s executive director Carolle Brabant said, adding that MIPCOM is an important market for Telefilm and other Canadian companies. She explained: “Without question, foreign markets offer important opportunities for Canadian creators to reach new international audiences, and foreign partnerships provide additional resources to create high-quality productions with broad appeal.”

The Canuck celebration will run through MIPJunior on Oct. 6 and 7 then at MIPCOM from Oct. 8 – 11.