Canada vs. U.S. game most-watched in history

80% of Canada witnessed some part of hockey victory

TORONTO -- Oh, Canada.

An average 16.6 million viewers, or half the Canadian population, watched Sunday as Canada beat the Americans 3-2 in overtime to win the gold medal in the men's hockey tournament, according to BBM Canada data.

In all, 26.5 million Canadians, or 80% of the population, watched some part of the game as it aired live on nine TV networks nationwide in eight languages, according to the Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium, which aired the 2010 event here.

What a little Canada-U.S. rivalry does to light a fire under TV sports ratings here.

Sunday's gold medal match-up became the most-watched TV broadcast in Canadian history.

The CTV-led broadcast consortium also reported that, as a nation rejoiced at winning a record 14 gold medals at the end of the 2010 Vancouver Games, an average 14.3 million Canadians watched the closing ceremony Sunday night.
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