Canada's Bill C-10 off Conservative agenda

Tax credit eligibility proposal criticized by actors

TORONTO -- Canada's governing Conservative party on Tuesday pledged to kill controversial film financing legislation if they are returned to power Oct. 14.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, unveiling his party's re-election platform in Toronto, said he will remove a key tax credit eligibility proposal in Bill C-10 if re-elected.

Bill C-10 proposes to deny taxpayer support to homegrown films or TV shows deemed "offensive."

Canadian actors such as Sarah Polley and Wendy Crewson criticized Bill C-10 for its potential threat to creative expression.

"We will take into account the serious concerns that have been expressed by film creators and investors," the Conservatives said in reference to Bill C-10 in their re-election policy book released Tuesday.

"Clearly, we're pleased that Harper appears now to be listening to the artists of this country," ACTRA national executive director Stephen Waddell said on news of Harper's policy reversal.