Canada's BroadbandTV To Invest in Original Video Content

The Canadian YouTube Aggregator follows Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and Hulu in creating new video content to boost viewership for its channel partners.

TORONTO - Canadian YouTube aggregator BroadbandTV is getting behind original digital content.

The Vancouver-based online video company is to fund projects for qualifying channel partners to help grow their audiences.

BroadbandTV, which isn't putting a dollar figure on its investment, is following YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Crackle and Hulu in creating original video content to boost overall viewership.

"We want our growing number of channel partners to be as successful as possible and arm them with the tools, expertise and funds to help them grow their audience," BroadbandTV CEO Shahrzad Rafati said in a statement.

The Canadian platform has around 12,500 channel partners, and initiating original content investment follows European commercial broadcaster RTL Group acquiring a controlling stake in BroadbandTV for $36 million in June 2013.