Canada's Cineplex to Test Airline-Style Cinema Seat Pricing

The Canadian exhibition giant will launch a pilot program to charge more money to reserve the best seats in the house.

TORONTO – Canada's Cineplex Entertainment is eyeing airline-style seat pricing for its theaters.

The Canadian exhibition giant will launch a pilot scheme at its Varsity Cinemas location in Toronto to see whether patrons will pay more to reserve seats in the two middle rows of a theater.

Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob on Wednesday told investors at his annual shareholders meeting that the Cineplex Select program will allow cinema-goers to reserve "upgraded premium seats" in a traditional auditorium.

Regular admission seating in the rest of the auditorium will not change.

The pilot scheme is expected to see patrons pay between $2 and $3 extra for the premium seating.

Cineplex visitors can already reserve premium seating in the circuit's UltraAVX and VIP cinemas.