Canada's CRTC Picks Leonard Katz as Interim Chair

Ottawa is keeping the chairman's seat warm as it searches for a replacement for Konrad von Finckenstein, who stepped down as top industry regulator on Tuesday.

TORONTO – Canada has a new TV and telecom czar, at least temporarily.

Leonard Katz has stepped in as acting chairman of the CRTC, the country’s broadcast and telecoms regulator, after Konrad von Finckenstein stepped down after five years in the post.

The move comes as Ottawa shops around for a new CRTC chair after von Finckenstein clashed with the federal government over consumer issues like Internet billing, or reducing the country’s foreign ownership rules for phone companies.

Katz became vice-chairman of telecommunications at the CRTC in 2007, and before that served as executive director of broadcasting and telecommunications at the regulator.