Canada's CTV Orders Dave Foley Comedy 'Spun Out' to Series

Dave Foley Wreck-It Ralph Premiere - P 2013
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Dave Foley Wreck-It Ralph Premiere - P 2013

The multi-camera sitcom about a PR firm filled with people who can spin everyone’s problems, except their own, also stars Paul Campbell and Rebecca Dalton.

OTTAWA – The Dave Foley-starring Canadian comedy Spun Out has received a full-season order from the CTV network.

The broadcaster ordered another dozen episodes of the multi-camera comedy from Project 10 Productions, in addition to an earlier pilot, and made the announcement at the Prime Time conference in Ottawa.

Spun Out sees Foley (Newsradio) playing the patriarchal boss of a PR firm filled with people who can spin everyone’s problems, but not their own.

“Tackling the highs, the lows, and the bizarre in the fast-paced world of public relations, Spun Out is a hilarious roller-coaster ride that dives into the dysfunction of close-knit colleagues,” said Phil King, president, CTV programming and sports, in a statement Thursday.

The sitcom cast includes Paul Campbell, Holly Deveaux, Darcy Michael, Al Mukadam, Rebecca Dalton and J.P. Manoux.

Jeff Biederman and Brent Piaskoski are co-creators, writers and executive producers.

Brian K. Roberts, co-creator and director, is also executive producing.

Roberts is a veteran American comedy director and producer (Everybody Loves Raymond, The Drew Carey Show) who came north to Canada in the wake of the 2008 Hollywood writers strike.

He has since stick-handled a slew of Canadian series like the Memory Lanes pilot for the CBC, the kids sitcom Really Me for the Family Channel and the comedy quiz/competition series The Debaters for the CBC.

Spun Out allows CTV to make a Canadian comedy with Hollywood expertise that aims to stand up well against popular U.S. comedies like The Big Bang Theory on its schedule.

The broadcaster is also looking to repeat on the comedy side the rating success it has had with Canadian scripted dramas like The L.A. Complex, Motive and Flashpoint that landed on U.S. network schedules.

“The production of Spun Out couldn't happen at a better time for a better network. We hope that Spun Out does for Canadian comedy what Flashpoint has accomplished for Canadian drama,” Roberts explained.