Canada's Rogers Communications Unveils Online 'Anyplace TV' Offering

The NextBox 2.0 service will allow subscribers to stream live and recorded shows from any room in the home, using a tablet and WiFi connection.

TORONTO – TV subscribers with Canadian mobile and cable giant Rogers Communications can now take their favorite U.S. network shows anywhere in the home for viewing, via their tablet and WiFi connection.

Rogers’ NextBox 2.0 TV offering, unveiled in Toronto, allows subscribers to stream live and recorded TV shows on their tablet throughout the home.

The next-generation TV offering aims to help Rogers continue fending off competition from Netflix Canada, Apple TV and other U.S. digital platforms setting up shop here.

Rogers is also set to offer Apple’s iTV product in Canada, supplying wireless and broadband capabilities to turn Canadian TV sets into giant iPads.

Meanwhile, Rogers’ whole-home PVR recording and streaming service unveiled Friday will also replace an earlier TV-anywhere offering called Rogers On Demand Online.

NextBox 2.0 promises more control over where, when and how Canadians view TV by turning any room in the house into an entertainment destination.

And the NextBox PVR will allow any recorded show to be viewed on any TV in the home.