Canada's Rogers picks up Shaw kung fu pics

Expands the library's reach to expat Chinese

TORONTO -- Canadian cablecaster Rogers Communications will offer Shaw Brothers kung fu movies on-demand to its digital cable subscribers as part of a supply deal with Hong Kong-based Celestial Pictures.

Toronto-based Rogers will offer an initial 20 titles starting at $1.99 each across a range of kung fu, thriller, action and musical genres.

Rogers will refresh its Shaw Brothers film lineup from a library of 760 titles produced between the 1950s and '90s.

Rogers, Canada's largest cablecaster, offers a range of Mandarin and Cantonese language TV services, which include CCTV, Beijing TV, Guangdong Southern TV.

Since 2002, Celestial, a division of Malaysia-based Astro All Asia Networks, has digitally remastered the Shaw Brothers film library for international distribution.