Canadian Actor Looks for Love With … Posters

Sam Lupovich - P 2014
Courtesy of Sam Lupovich

Sam Lupovich - P 2014

Montreal actor Sam Lupovich says he won't date "borderline narcissistic" actresses for true love

Canadian actor Sam Lupovich on Tuesday blanketed downtown Montreal with flyers to find a young woman to date.

By Wednesday, the Montreal performer, known for roles as the lead American Airlines Flight 77 hijacker in the TV miniseries The Path to 9/11 and as Sam in the Syfy reality series Scare Tactics, had fielded around 40 calls for possible dates.

This is no prank, Lupovich told The Hollywood Reporter, as he’s single and looking for love — just not actresses.

“I find it tough to meet down-to-earth actresses that are really able to get outside of themselves and focus on other causes. They are borderline narcissistic,” he said.

“I find that with girls in show business, they are very sensitive, they’re very personable, when they’re having a great day. When they’re having a crappy day, it’s very crappy,” Lupovich added.

The 31-year-old Montrealer is looking for a career girl willing to settle down, according to his flyer.

“So if you’re single (or not) and ready to take a chance on a good guy willing to throw himself out there, take my number and do something about it,” the poster reads.