Canadian Animators, Broadcasters Visit UK on Trade Mission

Vancouver-based players are pursuing co-production partnerships after Britain launched tax credits for high-end animation productions.

TORONTO -- Vancouver-based animators and broadcasters are headed to Britain to talk co-productions with possible local partners in the wake of the new U.K. tax credit for animation.

News of a British Columbia/U.K. Trade Forum in London and Manchester from February 25 to 27 comes after British launched tax credits for high-end TV and animation productions.

Among the B.C. animators crossing the Atlantic for co-production match-making are Atomic Cartoons, Big Bad Boo, DHX Media, Eaglecliff Entertainment, Eh-Okay Entertainment and Nerd Corps Entertainment.

And Canadian broadcasters making the flight include Knowledge Network/BBC Kids and Corus Entertainment.

They will meet with representatives for CBBC, ITV, Disney, Channel Five, Nickelodeon UK and Turner Broadcasting.

The B.C. players will parlay their own tax credits and animation subsidies, including the digital animation or visual effects tax credit introduced by the west coast province in 2003, into possible co-productions that share project risk and resources.

"We are visiting the U.K. to kick-start business relationships and co-productions, tapping the skills and creativity of animators on both sides of the Atlantic," said Liz Shorten, managing vp at CMPA-B.C., representing indie producers, in a statement.

"The favorable tax regime in the U.K. through the animation tax credit has made collaboration a real possibility for the first time in several years," she added.