Canadian Broadcasters Create Online Ad Exchange

The CBC, Rogers Media and Shaw Media have brought the Microsoft-backed AppNexus technology to Canada to sell digital display-advertising via the web.

TORONTO - Canadian broadcasters CBC, Rogers Media and Shaw Media have partnered to create their own online digital advertising exchange, courtesy technology from U.S.-based AppNexus.

The Microsoft-backed technology will enable the local broadcasters to create the Canadian Premium Audience Exchange (CPAX) to allow media agencies another platform on which to buy digital display advertising via an online auction.

AppNexus features data and analytics that determine the best bid in real time for advertising targeted at audiences moving between the media properties of the CBC, Rogers Media and Shaw Media.

"With one bid, advertisers can access three distinct organizations’ premium inventory at large scale for best value,” Jason Tafler, said chief digital officer of Rogers Media.

The CPAX will launch May 16 as an adjunct to the the separate direct sales divisions of the three broadcasters.