Canadian Broadcasters: TV Is Still King In The Home

Cord cutting? A Television Bureau of Canada report indicates the vast majority of Canadians prefer watching their favorite shows on a TV screen.

TORONTO -- Over-the-top video offerings like Netflix Canada and iTunes Canada are up and running and giving rival Canadian cable and satellite TV providers a run for their money.

But that doesn’t mean Canadian viewers are shunning popular U.S. network shows packaged and delivered to their TV sets, domestic broadcasters urged Wednesday.

The Television Bureau of Canada said 94% of Canadians polled said they prefer watching their favorite shows on a TV screen at home.

And 70% of those surveyed insisted watching video on a computer or mobile phone screen cannot replace TV set viewing.

The TBA report, the latest contribution to Canada’s cord-cutting debate, partly counters recent research indicating Canadians are starting to turn off their TV set to view video streamed online.

The CRTC, Canada’s TV regulator, in late August released a report indicating one in four English-speaking Canadians and one in five French-speaking Canadians, enjoying higher broadband speeds, now watch some of their favorite TV shows online.

While that trend suggests Canadians are embracing the choice and control that online video streaming services offers, the TBA study claims TV and the Internet are complementary.

And TV advertisers have little cause for concern over cord-cutting.

The report indicated 52% of Canadians polled said they watch TV and surf the Internet simultaneously, and 57% of respondents go online to research a product or service marketed by a TV commercial.