Canadian Exhibitor Cineplex Adds Digital Theaters

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sony wants to stop paying for the glasses required to view theatrical projection in 3D.

The cinema chain has ordered 12 more premium UltraAVX venues, which include wall-to-wall screens and RealD 3D technology.

TORONTO – With the death of film looming, giant Cineplex Entertainment is adding a dozen more premium UltraAVX digital theaters to its Canadian circuit.

Toronto-based Cineplex said the 12 theaters with digital projection and RealD 3D technology, wall-to-wall screens and Dolby sound systems will open in time for the summer 2012 season.

The latest order will bring to 35 the number of UltraAVX auditoriums Cineplex will operate countrywide.

Cineplex has also been adding Imax screens to its nationwide network as 3D movies perform better with Canadian cinema-goers than with Americans stateside.

And as Canadian exhibitors continue their digital transition, Saskatchewan’s Java Post on Thursday said it has acquired the DVS Fuze digital cinema delivery system.

The German-made DVS Fuze is used to master digital cinema outputs, including those required for 3D projection.