Canadian Filmmaker Jailed in Egypt Could Be Released (Report)

John Greyson

John Greyson and his traveling partner haven't been heard from since their arrest in Cairo on August 16.

TORONTO – Canadian director John Greyson and his traveling partner, arrested in Cairo two weeks ago, could be released from jail as early as today.

The Canadian Press newswire reports a lawyer for Greyson and doctor Tarek Loubani will appear in a Cairo courtroom on Thursday and make the case for their release.

The two Canadians have not been heard from since August 16, when they were arrested by Egyptian police amid an upsurge in rioting across the country.

Greyson and Loubani were reportedly on their way to Gaza, where Loubani was set to do volunteer medical work and Greyson planned to work on a film project.

Greyson created controversy in 2009 at the Toronto Film Festival when he pulled a documentary from its lineup to protest a festival spotlight on Israeli filmmakers.

Friends and family of the two men, as they campaign for their release via the news and social media, indicate Greyson and Loubani are in good health, despite enduring difficult prison conditions.