Canadian finance minister pushes for C-10

Jim Flaherty says bill is a matter of confidence

TORONTO -- Canada's finance minister has threatened to force a national election to ensure passage of Bill C-10, a proposed bill that would end tax credits for Canadian films and TV shows deemed offensive.

Finance minister Jim Flaherty told the Senate Banking Committee that Bill C-10 was a matter of confidence and should not be amended to ease censorship fears from Canadian actors and filmmakers.

Flaherty said that his proposed legislation was a matter of taxpayer dollars, and not curbing edgy, controversial films as critics argue.

"I'm in a stewardship position with respect to how taxpayers' money is spent, and there are many demands in Canadian society and many needs that need to be addressed," he told the Senate committee. "One of them is not the financing of movies or videos depicting hate, extreme violence and pornography."

Flaherty added that failure to pass Bill C-10 will oust Canada's current minority government and trigger a national election.

The legislation passed through the House of Commons last October, and remains hung up in Canada's upper chamber.