Canadian gov't slams EA for Taliban game

Allowed gamers to become fighters killing Allied troops

TORONTO -- We’re at war in Afghanistan.

That’s the message Electronic Arts received this week from a Canadian government angry over a new video game that allows shooter gamers to become Taliban fighters killing Allied troops.

"Canadian forces, our allies, aid workers and innocent Afghans are being shot at and sometimes killed by the Taliban. This is reality. I find it wrong to have anyone, children in particular, playing the role of the Taliban," Canadian defense minister Peter MacKay said in a statement in response to complaints from local veterans of war.

EA, which has studios in Vancouver and Montreal, defended its Medal of Honor franchise for providing a realistic portrayal of the Afghanistan war and its combatants.

"Many popular video games allow players to assume the identity of enemies including Nazis and terrorists," the company defended in a release.

The game’s single-player mode does not identify Canadian troops as it follows an elite group of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, while the multi-player mode enables players to be put in the boots of Taliban fighters.

The Taliban video game is set for an October 12 release on the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms.
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