Canadian Metal Heads Get Their Own Juno Category

Canada's music awards introduces a best metal/hard music album of the year competition to honor hard rock artists.

TORONTO – Canadian metal heads, start headbanging.

The Junos, Canada’s music awards, has added a first-time heavy metal/hard music category.

The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences on Wednesday said submissions for the 2012 Juno Awards will include a new prize to recognize the best hardcore genre music, including hard rock, thrash metal and death metal.

The Juno organizers also invited album submissions from subgenres like power metal, grindcore, extreme metal, industrial metal and viking metal.

The list of hardcore genres goes on for a bit as the search begins for the best Canadian metal/hard music artists to follow the lead of homegrown rockers like Triumph, Rush and Neil Young.

The 41st annual Juno Awards will be handed out in Ottawa on April 1, 2012.