Canadian radio prospering

Total revenue rises 6% over 2007

TORONTO -- Canadian private radio continues to prosper in the face of the Internet, satellite radio and other digital media, Statistics Canada reported Monday.

The government statistics agency pointed to year-over-year growth in airtime sales as total revenue for Canadian radio stations rose 6% to CAN$1.47 billion ($1.41 billion) in 2007, against a year-earlier CAN$1.38 billion.

Domestic FM stations accounted for most of the growth as they turned in revenue up 7.1% to CAN$1.15 billion ($1.1 billion), compared with CAN$1.07 billion in 2006, Statscan reported.

Canadian AM stations saw revenue rise 2.1% to CAN$320.3 million ($306 million) last year, against $313.7 million in 2006.
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