Canadian Reality TV Gets a Dramatic Makeunder

Slice's "Make Me Over, Make Me Under" will give Jersey guidettes a fresh-faced, girl-next-door look, while homely moms are turned into sexy babes.

TORONTO - Guy O’Sullivan is betting reality TV glamazons clean up well.

So the head of Canadian indie producer Proper Television has produced a TV pilot for the Canadian lifestyle cable channel Slice, Make Me Over, Make Me Under, as a hybrid series that removes the layers of makeup from Jersey guidettes to reveal fresh-faced beauty, while turning homely moms into sexy babes.

“It’s a journey for two people from opposite ends of the spectrum: Snookie, overdone and overtanned, and needing a makeunder, and a Plain Jane who hasn’t applied themselves,” O’Sullivan explained.

Each episode of Make Me Over, Make Me Under, to start airing in June, will see professional stylists David Clemmer and Nicole Manek rescue an odd couple so they turn heads for the right reasons.

O’Sullivan said makeunder subjects undergo dramatic psychological journeys as they're heavily invested in their looks, even if their overdone hair, clothes and makeup suggests store mannequin.

“They put a lot of time and effort into that look, and they think look pretty damned good,” he said.

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