Canadian Sci-Fi Series 'Starhunter' to Relaunch as Web Series

Paul Fox Clive Robertson Starhunter - H 2013
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Starfield Indie has acquired control of the worldwide franchise rights to the TV show, which ran for two seasons, in 2001 and 2003.

TORONTO - Starhunter, the Canadian sci-fi series that ran for two seasons a decade ago, is being resurrected as a web series and multiplatform project.

Toronto-based Starfield Indie on Monday said it has acquired control of the worldwide Starhunter franchise rights and plans to produce 26 webisodes, eight to 15 minutes each, in November.

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And the series' original creators, Daniel D’or and Philip Jackson, Starfield president of production and development, will work with writer Nelu Ghiran to relaunch the brand.

Starhunter, a Canada-UK-France co-production that ran for two seasons, or 44 episodes, in 2001 and 2003, starred Michael Pare, Clive Robertson and Tanya Allen.

The series had Pare and Robertson playing the lead roles of bounty hunters in the years 2275 and 2300.

Starfield Indie's Jackson negotiated the deal for the franchise rights with Richard Sniderman, a principal at Green Opal, which had aggregated the Starhunter rights.

The relaunch of Starhunter is expected to include an online Starhunter game, four graphic novels to be written by David Tischman, and HD versions of the original TV episodes.