Canadian TV Networks Gripped by Parliament Hill Shooting

Canada Parliament Shooting - H - 2014
Associated Press

On news of gunfire in Ottawa, top news anchors broke into regular programming

Canadian broadcast outlets on Wednesday morning broke into regularly scheduled programming to report on an ambush of soldiers and politicians on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The CBC, CTV and Global Television broke in to report details on a man with a rifle shooting and seriously injuring a soldier standing guard at the War Memorial. All-news cable channels CBC News Network, CTV News Channel and Sun News Network offered blanket coverage as the shooter reportedly headed to the House of Parliament and was killed by pursuing police.

The story was the lead item on national radio and TV broadcasts as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other federal politicians were evacuated and Parliament Hill became an active crime scene.

Heightened tension in Ottawa follows an incident two days ago where a Muslim convert hit two Canadian soldiers in Quebec with his car, killing one, before he too was killed after a police chase.

Below, a reporter from Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper filmed shots being fired in the building.