Canadian TV Producer Dies After Car Crash in Ireland

Deborah Sharp Furlong was married to John Furlong, organizer of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

TORONTO – Veteran Canadian TV producer Deborah Sharp Furlong, whose husband John Furlong organized the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, died after being involved in a head-on car crash in Ireland on Friday.

"While our extended families are beyond words over this loss, we would like to thank our friends and well-wishers for their heartfelt concern and condolences as our families face this sudden and painful tragedy," John Furlong said in a statement, according to the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

The death of Sharp Furlong, whose TV credits include Arctic Air and Cold Squad, comes as her husband is embroiled in a lawsuit with a Vancouver newspaper that accused him of abusing students at a school in northern British Columbia four decades ago.

The fatal collision came as Sharp Furlong, 48, was driving alone and was involved in a head-on collision with an SUV in country Wexford.

The Furlongs were in Ireland on a vacation, according to media reports.