Canadian TV station switches affiliation

CHFD-TV drops deal with CTV, looks to Global TV

TORONTO -- A spat over local and national commercial airtime has Northern Ontario TV station CHFD-TV dropping its affiliation with local network CTV and looking to buy popular U.S. series from rival Global Television.

Thunder Bay-based CHFD-TV, privately held by Dougall Media, told the CRTC that it wants to amend its broadcast license after failing to negotiate a new program supply deal with CTV.

"The terms of the proposed content supply agreement (with CTV) were financially unacceptable to CHFD-TV Thunder Bay and would result in serious financial negative results," the TV station told the CRTC in its disaffiliation application.

CHFD-TV, which has operated as a CTV affiliate since 1972, wants regulatory approval to go independent and source its programming from Global Television, whose biggest hits include Fox's "House" and CBS' "Survivor" franchise.

CHFD-TV's disaffiliation bid comes at an sensitive time for CTV as it leads a high profile Local TV Matters lobbying campaign in Ottawa to secure retransmission fees from domestic cable and satellite TV operators for its local TV station signals.

CTV and Global Television and other Canadian broadcasters are also grappling with the escalating cost of U.S. network series as they deal with a TV ad slump during the economic downtown.
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