Canadians to Receive Blanket Coverage Friday of Royal Wedding

Canadian journalists and anchors will be thick on the ground in London with unique reporting and camera shots to distinguish themselves from rival Canuck networks.

TORONTO – Prince William and Kate Middleton will be Canada’s next British monarchs, so no surprise local broadcasters plan marathon coverage of the royal wedding Friday.

With Canuck TV networks sharing British camera feeds of the much-hyped royal nuptials, it will be left to top anchors and unilateral camera shots – some to appear on split screens -- to distinguish their coverage from London from rivals.

Global Television will post top news anchor Dawna Friesen outside Buckingham Palace, while CTV has recruited British comic Tracey Ullman to help top anchors Lloyd Robertson and Lisa LaFlamme with their 15-hour coverage to kick off Friday at 3 a.m.

And the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. is sending anchor Peter Mansbridge and a string of correspondents to cover all the royal wedding bases, helped by British pundit Ciara Hunt.

Rogers Media will roll out multi-platform coverage Friday by carrying the nuptials live on its Citytv network as it streams online at and on its iPad app.

And the complete wedding coverage will be stored for viewing on the Rogers on-demand service until the end of July.

Accessible Media even plans a described video broadcast of Friday’s events in London for blind and low-vision Canadians.

And CTV-parent Bell Media’s cross-platform coverage will extend to its newly-launched website.

The run-up to Friday’s pomp and pageantry has also included non-stop documentaries and advanced features on local Canadian newscasts about how to be a prince, where Wills and Kate first romanced, and secrets of the royal household at Buckingham Palace.