Candidates unveiled for L.A. AFTRA election

Group will address membership at April 29 forum

The Los Angeles Local of AFTRA announced Thursday the complete list of candidates for its 2009 election of officers and board members, Los Angeles-based national board members and 198 delegates to the AFTRA national convention.

Ballots will be mailed May 8 with a voting deadline of June 3. All elected Los Angeles officers and board members will begin their terms July 1. National board members begin their four-year terms at the end of this summer's national convention, scheduled for Aug. 6-8 in Chicago.

Candidates will have the opportunity to address the membership at the annual "Meet the Candidates" forum the night of April 29 at the union's headquarters. Most of the acting candidates are dual cardholders in AFTRA and SAG.

All seven incumbent L.A. officers were named candidates for re-election by the AFTRA L.A. nominating committee. They will run unopposed for additional two-year terms. They are:

L.A. president Ron Morgan
First vp Susan Boyd Joyce
Second vp Gabrielle Carteris
Third vp Bobbie Bates
Fourth vp Jason George
Recording Secretary Patrika Darbo
Treasurer Jay Gerber

A total of 22 AFTRA Los Angeles board seats are up for election. Actors named by the nominating committee to fill 11 openings are:

David Bowe, incumbent
Raza Burgee, incumbent
Andrew Caple-Shaw, incumbent
Gabrielle Carteris, incumbent
Bob Joles, incumbent
Kate Linder, incumbent
David Andriole
Mimi Cozzens
Sandra de Bruin
James Schneider
Marcia Strassman

Actors qualifying for the ballot by nominating petition are:

Nancy Daly, incumbent
Paul Napier, incumbent
David Jolliffe

Announcers qualifying for the ballot by nominating committee are:

Mike Sakellarides, incumbent
Chuck Southcott

Dancers qualifying for the ballot by nominating committee are:

Galen Hooks, incumbent

Singers qualifying for the ballot by nominating committee are:

Susan Boyd Joyce, incumbent
Dick Wells, incumbent

Newspersons qualifying for the ballot by nominating committee are:

Pepe Barreto, incumbent

Two additional newsperson seats remain to be filled. There are also three vacancies representing the sportscaster category to be filled.

Thirteen seats representing L.A. on AFTRA's national board are up for election, with one seat guaranteed for L.A. announcers and one for L.A. newspersons. The remaining 11 seats will be filled based on the plurality of votes received. All national board candidates qualified for the ballot by nominating petition. Candidates are:

Bobbie Bates, incumbent
Susan Boyd Joyce, incumbent
Gabrielle Carteris, incumbent
Jay Gerber, incumbent
Ron Morgan, incumbent
Paul Petersen, incumbent
Sally Stevens, incumbent
Granville Ames
Steven Barr
L. Scott Caldwell
David Clennon
Milo Edwards
Carole Elliott
Anne-Marie Johnson
D. W. Moffett
Jason Priestley
Elizabeth Reynolds
Alan Ruck
David Jolliffe