Cannes 2012: Brad Pitt Says 'No Date' Set for Wedding, Still Hoping for Same Sex Marriage Legality

Brad Pitt Sunglasses - P 2012
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Brad Pitt Sunglasses - P 2012

The actor tells film fest press that he and Angelina Jolie still want to wait until same sex marriages are legal in the U.S. before they tie the knot.

Don’t believe all those rumors about a secret impending wedding ceremony for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Just ain't happening -- yet.

Yes, Angie is wearing a custom-designed diamond ring, but she's not showing it off at the Cannes Film Festival. And Pitt, flying solo without his fiancé at the Cannes premiere of his new film, Killing Them Softly, says there’s no date set and no rush.

"We actually really, truly have no date," Pitt said at a press conference Tuesday.

The couple is standing by their previous statements that they would like same-sex marriage to be legalized in the U.S. before taking the proverbial plunge themselves. "We're still hoping that we can figure out marriage equality in the states before that date," he said.

When asked why they decided to get engaged after six years and six kids, he replied: “It’s just something that makes sense to us."

As for Angelina’s absence, he explained, "She's prepping for a movie [Maleficent] she starts very soon."

In Softly, Pitt plays Jackie Cogan, professional enforcer investigating a heist during a mob-protected poker game. And what would a mob movie be without Ray Liotta, right? Additional cast members include Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini and Sam Shepard.

A smiling Pitt walked the red carpet a few hours after the press conference wearing a formal tuxedo, with long blonde-streaked surfer locks and a pair of ultra-hip Sama Black Onyx titanium aviators with 18-karat rose gold mirrored lenses. The price tag to look this cool?  A mere $1,250 for Brad's exact pair.

We hear that Pitt  has worn Sama frames for years. This specific aviator style was first worn by Brad in his most recent Oscar-nominated film, Moneyball. Somehow they didn't look quite as amazing in that film as they do worn on the red carpet on the French Riviera.