Cannes 2012: Diane Kruger Bringing Glamour to Jury

Benaroch/SIPA/ Newscom

This week, the Chanel-loving actress was announced as a film festival juror alongside Ewan McGregor, Alexander Payne and designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

Forget the Oscars. If you want to see real fashion — knock-down, drag-out major European couture ballgowns — it's all about the Cannes Film Festival, which opens in just a few weeks on May 16. Last year, Uma Thurman was the female movie star member of the Festival jury, and she wore an amazing array of gowns by Versace, Roland Mouret, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana — every night, a new color and shape. Now that we know Diane Kruger is this year's judge, we're relieved.  Kruger is an actress who loves to wear Chanel and Jason Wu, is friends with many fashion designers and really knows and loves her fashion.

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Kruger doesn't even work much with a stylist. She makes her own fashion choices, and with Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel as a friend, she doesn't have much to worry about. She only has a little more than two weeks to whip this wardrobe together, but we have a feeling it will go down in Cannes history. Chanel couture, here we come. Le piece de resistance.

Meanwhile, The Artist's Berenice Bejo will be a hostess at Cannes, and in a recent interview with  THR, she declined to reveal her wardrobe: "It will be a surprise, I won't tell you." But we're assuming, given her good relationship with Elie Saab (having worn him to the Oscars), that she will be wearing at least some of his looks, as he shows in Paris. Most French actresses do tend to wear French designers at Cannes. It's pretty much expected.

We also know that, given films in the fest, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart will be on the Croisette for major film arrivals and galas. These three will bring their own mix of glamour elements. Dunst is also a Chanel girl. Kidman has worn a great deal of Jean Paul Gaultier couture in the past, and now, in an unprecedented move, Gaultier has been named to the Cannes jury.

Many are wondering what Gaultier will be doing there, but he has costumed a number of films, including ones by directors Peter Greenaway, Luc Besson and Pedro Almodovar - and he hosted a French TV show on pop culture for years. This is one designer who really knows his movies.