Cannes 2012: 'The Possession' Director Bornedal Teams With 'Melancholia' Producer Foldager

Foldager's company Metafilm and Bornedal's Four Fiction will cooperate on all of Borendal's future projects.


CANNES - Ole Bornedal, the Danish director of 1994 crossover hit Nightwatch and the upcoming horror thriller The Possession, starring Jeffery Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick, will set up a joint venture with producer Meta Louise Foldager, whose credits include Lars von Trier's Melancholia and Antichrist.

The collaboration between Bornedal's company Four Fiction and Foldager's Metafilm will collaborate on all of Bornedal's future projects, both Danish and international. Bornedal's The Possession, produced in collaboration with Sam Raimi for Lions Gate, will bow in August in the U.S. on 2,500 copies. His next film will be an international, English-language feature.

Speaking to THR, Foldager said the new joint venture is currently preparing and packaging four projects, both Danish and international. They will include films where Bornedal will be the screenwriter and creative force but not take on directing duties.

"He has so much material, so many scripts, so we are sorting out what we want to do and if he will executive produce and I produce or we package for an international partner," she said. "We expect to be able to announce details of the first projects in the summer."

Foldager said she and Bornedal are well along in the development and that they have received backing from Scandinavian distributor Scandbox and the Danish Film Institute on some of the first projects.

Despite Bornedal’s reputation as a master of the horror genre, Foldager said the projects the two will collaborate on span genres.

“I know all of Ole’s work and it is very diverse as our slate will be,” she said. “There’s only one horror film in there.”