Cannes 2012: Unseasonably Bad Weather Hits Film Festival

Cannes 2012 Joshua Jackson Diane Kruger
Getty Images

Industry events get moved, and industry folks break out umbrellas to walk the red carpet.

Rain, thunder and howling winds on Sunday brought a London feel to Cannes and forced industry folks to bring out umbrellas.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson were among those walking the wet red carpet for the premiere of Michael Haneke's Amour (Love) despite the bad weather.

The unseasonable weather in the South of France left the red carpet wet and the Croisette much less crowded than usual during the film festival. Various industry events had to be moved to alternative locations or, in the case of the Villa inRocKs & Audi Talents Awards, cancelled. reported a high of only 68 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday.

"I have never seen it this bad," said one foreign industry executive about the weather in Cannes.

Just like others, the British Film Institute sent out an email on Sunday, highlighting a weather-safe venue. "Due to adverse weather conditions here in Cannes, tonight’s BFI reception will now be held in La Cote at The Carlton Hotel," it said. The event was originally scheduled to take place on the roof of the Marriott Hotel, its regular location in recent years.

At the Sunday night premiere of Thomas Vinterberg's The Hunt, lines at the coat check of the Palais des Festivals were long as people checked in umbrellas.

For Monday and Tuesday, the weather forecast predicted more rain and temperatures in the 51 and 66 degrees range. The sun may only come out on what is currently forecast to be a mostly cloudy Wednesday.  


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