Cannes 2013: Cinando Adds App Offering

The film-industry database operated by the Marche du Film of the Cannes Film Festival has added an iPad application for the next generation of market-goers.

LONDON -- Cinando, the film-industry database operated by the Marche du Film of the Cannes Film Festival, has launched an iPad app for market-goers.

The Cinando Viewer App connects to Cinando Screening Room, which is a secure and dedicated place for the industry to showcase films.

According to Jerome Paillard, executive director of the Marche du Film, the site boasts 4,000 available titles and 11,700 unique viewers and has become "the most advanced business-to-business movie platform."

The app will allow users to watch films on the iPad and aims to grow the use of the Cinando Screening Room. The creators claim it is secure and the "fastest and the cheapest alternative to DVD screeners."

It follows hot on the heels of the launch of Cinando's DVD-to-burn setup already being offered on the website.

The app has been designed and developed in collaboration with Germany's CinePostproduction and is based on the CinePostproduction OVO app.

Sellers can invite buyers and festival programmers to download and watch films offline inside the Cinando Viewer App on their iPads.

The app creators said it provides an easy-to-use interface, "as well as an incomparable viewing experience due to the iPad’s high-quality screen and the so-expected ‘fast-forward’ feature."

An on-screen watermark, file encryption on the iPad, an iPad ID linked with the Cinando member account and a secured HTTPS tunnel are just some of the app’s security features.

Cinando buyers can already try the app for free with titles now being made available by 6 Sales, Films Distribution, Level K, Shoreline and Wide.

Cinando gets about 10 million page views a year. Industry people who participate in any of the affiliated film markets get free access to it. Others can use the site for 85 euros a year.