Cannes: Abel Ferrara Launches Kickstarter Campaign for 'Siberia'

Roberto Rocco
Abel Ferrara

The filmmaker's latest project is set to star frequent collaborator Willem Dafoe.

Rome-based director Abel Ferrara is back in Cannes to launch his latest collaboration with Willem Dafoe, Siberia, billed as being about "soul searching by dogsled."

Siberia will be his fifth film with the actor after Pasolini, 4:44 Last Day on Earth, Go Go Tales and New Rose Hotel.

Similar to Pasolini, which was based on a novel published posthumously, Petrolio, Siberia will be inspired by Carl Jung’s Red Book, which was not published until 2009. The Jung Foundation granted Ferrara the rights to use the book.

"We are mining Willem’s subconscious as a starting point," Ferrara told THR. "But in the film, Willem will play two characters and interact with a lot of wild animals in extreme natural locations which is a bit of a departure for us to say the least."

Ferrara, who will launch the project in Cannes on Monday, is excited about the Kickstarter platform. "It’s the Internet dream come true," he said. "The support of like-minded people on a grassroots level is essential. To have a platform that allows the people who know and appreciate our work to take ownership of it with us, it seems obvious as well as revolutionary, almost like what took so long."

The initial Kickstarter push is to raise half a million dollars. Incentives for donating include lunch with Ferrrara in Rome, a masterclass in New York, and the opportunity to sit with him during the edit process.

Chris Zois co-wrote the script with Ferrara, and Diana Phillips will produce.