Cannes: 'Carol's' Rooney Mara Appreciated Cate Blanchett's "Very Smooth Skin" During Their Sex Scenes (Video)

Blanchett joked that she "did a chest wax" for Mara.

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara learned quite a bit about each other's complexions while filming their sex scenes for the lesbian drama Carol.

During a sit-down with The Hollywood Reporter at the Cannes Film Festival, Mara said that filming the passionate encounters with Blanchett wasn't markedly different than it would have been with a male actor.

"Any love scene is different because you're with a different person — male or female, it doesn't really make a difference," said Mara.

Still, there was one new twist when it came to filming intimate scenes with the two-time-Oscar-winning actress. "Cate is very soft, as opposed to most men," admitted Mara, pointing out that Blanchett "has very smooth skin." Blanchett then joked that she "did a chest wax" for Mara.

Blanchett added that she felt comfortable during the scenes because director Todd Haynes made sure they served the story, as opposed to just being salacious.

"You want to make sure it's done in a way that is in no way gratuitous, and it's beautiful, and it's erotic, and it's conveying all the things that you want it to convey," said Blanchett.

The full discussion, including the actors' thoughts on how the 1950s period costumes affected their performances, can be seen in the video above.