Cannes: Confessions of a Party Lady

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Lady Victoria Hervey recounts her unforgettable Cannes nights and lists some not-to-be-missed tips for making the most out of this year's festival.

Lady Victoria Hervey, the '90s era Brit "It" girl, grew up on the French Riviera and caused a stir in Cannes in 2013 for posing too long on the red carpet. THR caught up with the 38-year-old to chat about her most memorable moments on the French Riviera and the one thing she says she'll "never do again!"

The early days: “Cannes became my stomping ground fairly early in life. It was a flirtation with that scene from childhood, when I met a lot of the greats like Sammy Davis Jr., Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner and Robert Redford at the Monte-Carlo Beach Club in Monaco. Beverly Hills actually reminds me of Monaco — both very green, manicured and perfect with similar climates.”

Don’t break curfew: “In Monaco, in my 20s, my mother would say make sure you’re home by 6 a.m. as the roads close to prepare for Grand Prix. But one night I got a ride home with Prince Albert and his two royal nephews, and the roads parted for us and we got the royal salute. That was fun.”

My lips are sealed: “The key secret moments I am saving for my  book! But I can tell you that some of the wildest were when I was with Lindsay Lohan in 2010 and she moved onto my boat after having her passport stolen. Another crazy night, I was with Courtney Love in her room at the Hotel Du-Cap-Eden-Roc. She was smoking and set fire to the duvet and I had to hide it from the housekeeper who walked in. It’s always been pretty epic.”

On the ground: “As for Cannes happenings, I always check in with nightlife impresario Eric Omores about what’s going on at Nikki Beach. Then I go by the Carlton, the Martinez and the Grand Hotel on the Croisette. But stopping by the Du Cap straight away is a must — all the major people stay there and they host the best parties of the week.”

Hey, Jude:“Four years ago after the amfAR gala, we were on a tender with Jude Law going back to land when the boat broke down in the middle of the Mediterranean and we had to be towed back to Uma Thurman’s boat to get in another tender. Once we got to the hotel, Jude carried my bag on his head through reception.”

Taxicab confessions: “I’ll also never forget meeting Wyclef Jean for the first time in 2006. I was stranded waiting for a cab on the Croisette at 5 a.m. when I saw a man in a track suit. I had just left a yacht party on Tiara (the boat owned by Cirque du Soleil cofounder Guy Laliberte, who always throws the most legendary yacht parties ever!) with Jay Z and Bono. Wyclef found me a cab, but I had no idea who he was until the following night when I was at a charity event at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club and there he was on all the huge TV screens. He spotted me inside and told everyone on the microphone how he had rescued me the night before.”

Nothing to see here: “One thing about Cannes that I never knew was that when you do the red carpet premiere at the Palais, you have to walk down looking to the photographers on the right and then the left, and keep going. You’re not allowed to walk down just doing one side and go back and do the other side. I did that two years ago and it was all over the press that I almost got thrown out so I will not attempt that again!”

Tips from a pro: “If you’re looking for a good getaways during the festival, take a cruise up the coast to St. Tropez and have lunch at Club 55. This is a tradition for many Cannes pros like Harvey Weinstein the day before amfAR gala. Also the village Eze near Monaco is beautiful and you can visit a perfume factory and make your own scent. But the Hotel Colombe D’or is always the best and worth the journey by car.”

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