Cannes: Dan Aykroyd to Narrate Sea Shepherd Documentary (Exclusive)

AP Images
Dan Aykroyd

The star will voice a feature-length film about the group's anti-whaling and anti-poaching activites near Antarctica.

Dan Aykroyd will be the voice of marine conservation activist group Sea Shepherd in a new documentary. The Ghostbusters star will narrate a film about the group’s recent campaigns in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica.

The documentary, titled Defend, Conserve, Protect, is currently in production.

The film is a more extensive exploration of the group’s anti-whaling and anti-poaching activities following its Animal Planet TV show Whale Wars.

“It’s a little more in depth than Whale Wars in that it does focus on the passion of the individuals who are involved,” Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson told The Hollywood Reporter. “The campaigns have over 100 crewmembers on three or sometimes four vessels. Whale Wars just focuses on certain individuals and you can get the idea that there are only about 12 people on the operation.”

The film expands on the operations and includes footage of the ocean confrontations, as well explorations of the animals and environment of the area. “You also have the advantage that it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world,” Watson said about Antarctica.

It is executive produced by Watson, produced by Omar Todd and directed by Australian director Stephen Amis (The Real Thing).

The film is currently in production and being shopped to international sales agents in Cannes, with a deal to be announced soon. The producers are hoping to premiere the film during Cannes next year.