Cannes: Shinji Aoyama to Direct 'True Horror Story' as Japan-Malaysia Co-Production

Associated Press

Principal photography will start early 2016 on the supernatural story based, which is based on eerie real events in Malaysia.

Auteur Shinji Aoyama has been tapped to direct a Japan-Malaysia horror co-production tentatively called True Horror Story about the supernatural phenomena that sweep up a Japanese couple who set up home in Malaysia.

The cast will be primarily Japanese and the crew will be a mixture of Japanese and Malaysian talents, while funding will be split evenly between the Japanese and Malaysian stakeholders.

Empire Film Solution will take on Malaysian distribution already confirmed, and a Japanese distribution deal is also in place, the companies said in a statement.

Japanese production company, Roads to Shangri-la Inc. will be the Japanese backer while ColorBird will handle global sales outside of Malaysia. A Japanese distribution deal is also in place.

"It's unique and original premise is not just intriguing but coupled with Aoyama’s direction should be a vision that is both distinctive yet commercially accessible," said ColorBird CEO Yasushi Miyamae.

Rahmat Adam, Barnet Books Head of Content, said the two companies had been looking for a project for several years.

"With story elements primarily drawn from Malaysia and with Japanese characters in key roles, this is a collaboration that fits perfectly in both of our companies’ vision which is to make commercially accessible films for the world audience," said Adam.