Cannes: 'Se7en' Writer’s 'Psycho Killer' Gets K5's Backing


K5 International boards the serial killer thriller as financiers and producers.

Germany-based financing and sales banner K5 has come on board of Se7en screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker’s serial killer thriller Psycho Killer.

The film follows a nameless murderer with a nightmarish mask who stalks his way across the United States, leaving a trail of random victims left in a bloody tribute to Satan.

"Andrew’s pedigree as a writer is unparalleled for this kind of nail-biting thriller," said K5’s Oliver Simon and Daniel Baur. "Delivering a disturbing and powerful punch, Psycho Killer will come to be seen as one of the great cinematic inventions. It recalls the great villains of our nightmares, from Hannibal Lecter to Jason but also compels and gives us a sense of awe at his sheer power. We’ve no doubt that Gavin will deliver a truly exceptional thriller."

Psycho Killer will be directed by Gavin Polone, who helmed six episodes of Twisted for ABC Family, which he also executive produced. Polone’s background is as producer of major productions, including Zombieland and Panic Room.