Cannes: Download THR's Day 4 Daily

Netflix's eventful Cannes debut, a buyers-only 'Fahrenheit 11/9' presentation and John Cameron Mitchell on 'How to Talk to Girls at Parties.'

The Hollywood Reporter has released its fourth Cannes Film Festival daily issue, which includes a look at Netflix's eventful Cannes debut, an analysis of a buyers-only Fahrenheit 11/9 presentation and a chat with John Cameron Mitchell about How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

Cannes' Netflix Snafu
When a technical mishap disrupted the press screening of Bong Joon Ho's Okja, Netflix's first-ever Cannes title, the irony was lost on no one. The streamer's plan to release Okja online-only in most markets appears to have put the company on a collision course with Cannes and this year's jury president, Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. But while cinema purists are ganging up on Netflix (there were plenty of boos, along with cheers, from the crowd of film critics when the company's logo flashed on Okja's opening credits Friday), THR shares how the indie industry has broadly accepted, even welcomed, the streamer's disruptive presence.

Michael Moore v. Lena Dunham?
Michael Moore and Harvey Weinstein unveiled footage from Fahrenheit 11/9 at a two-hour, buyers-only presentation, that left potential distributors were left with more questions than answers. Targeted distributors say they expect that the film will be released on Nov. 9: the one-year anniversary of the morning Donald Trump was pronounced president-elect, but also near the debut of an equally splashy Lena Dunham-helmed Trump doc titled 11/8/16. THR notes the doc's potential release plan, and how Moore's own ubiquity might challenge its reception.

Chatting With John Cameron Mitchell
Starring Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning, How to Talk to Girls at Parties is based on Neil Gaiman’s (very) short story about a couple of teenage boys in 1970s London who crash the wrong house party, only to find that their mysteriously beautiful hosts are visitors from outer space. Director Mitchell tells THR of making the movie, how Assassin’s Creed got in the way of another A-list casting and his upcoming autobiographical project, Homunculus.

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