Cannes 2018 According to Chinese Exec Ying Ye

Ying Ye Filmart H 2016
Scott Witter

Ying Ye Filmart H 2016

The managing director of Arclight Films shares her take on the fest.

Favorite thing about the festival
Seeing people from all over the world, from so many different backgrounds and cultures, all together for the love of cinema.

One place you have to go while in Cannes
Just make sure that you see at least one film that is playing in competition.

Advice for a Cannes first-timer
Get as much sleep as you can before you get there, because you won’t be doing much of it once you arrive.

At Cannes you should always ...
Pack a pair of comfortable shoes as there is a lot more walking than you would expect.

One thing you won’t travel without (besides your phone)
A backup red carpet dress.

Your Cannes nightmare story
Somehow my wallet was stolen at one of the major hotels, despite the presence of heavy security at every door.

Biggest pet peeve
How painfully good the French bread is.

At Cannes you should never ...
Be without cash — a lot of places don’t take credit cards.

Craziest late-night memory
Turning up to an important morning meeting on zero sleep after celebrating a film that we had in the festival.

A version of this story appears in The Hollywood Reporter's May 10 daily issue from the Cannes Film Festival.